Monday, 26 October 2009

opening trick!!

Sicilian Defence
1. e4 c5, 2. Nc3 Nc6, 3. Ne2 (This is quite a sneaky move; white waits for
black to commit himself to a particular set–up before deciding whether to play
an open or a closed Sicilian.) 3. … Nf6, 4. d4 (This is probably the wrong
decision. White should play a closed Sicilian here with 4. g3.) 4. … e6, (4.
... cd 5. Nxd4 would of course transpose to a main line classical Sicilian)
5. d5 ed, 6. ed Ne5, 7. g3?? (7. Nf4 is better, and quite interesting)
7. ... Nf3#. Quite a shock!